So now you know what’s what with cloth nappies, let’s see how the nappies compare.

Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio sent me 2 nappies to try out. The first was a two piece nappy system consisting of the mionappy and the miosoft cover. This is basically a prefold system with a waterproof cover. The prefold is made of 100% cotton and is a really nice size. It is very absorbent without being too bulky. Compared with the OsoCosy prefolds I have from the US, I thought this was much better quality. I LOVE the cover! It has a really soft fabric on the outside and a water resistant wipe clean inside. The Velcro fasteners are good quality and give a good fit. What I love best is the elasticated leg cuffs and deep gussets which prevent leaks. It has other features like fold back laundry tabs to allow the covers to remain open in the wash for improved washing ability and an extended waist offering additional protection around the tummy. The cover looked comfy on my baby and didn’t leave red marks.

The second Bambino Mio nappy I tried was their miosolo nappy in peppermint green. It is basically a pocket nappy so it is really easy to use. It is a OSFA, so can go from birth to potty training. This was the thinnest and SOFTEST pocket nappy that I tried out. Don’t let its slim look deceive you though, it is very absorbent and we had no leaks.

Bambino Mio also makes several accessories, like nappy liners and wipes.

Mother Nature Nappies

Mother Nature sent me a Nature Nappy. Mother Nature nappies are 100% natural bamboo-cotton towelling. They are one size nappies with poppers down the front to adjust the size as your baby grows. The waist and legs are elasticated which means you get less leaks. These nappies are VERY absorbent but not bulky. I can also attest to them being fantastic quality. I have some nappies that a friend had used for two of her children and they are still going strong with my daughter. This is a lovely nappy to buy if you are thinking of having more babies and is well worth the investment.

A relatively new addition to the Mother Nature range is the AIO nappy. It is made with their wonderful bamboo-cotton towelling and is stretchy at the waist and legs. We had no leaks with this nappy. The inner pad of the nappy is removable so you can tumble dry it – this is a great feature because bamboo can take longer to dry than some of the other fabrics (because it is more absorbent).

Mother Nature also makes lovely compact boosters that can be added to any nappy for night-time or for heavy wetters, and their biodegradable liners are my favourite – they are strong but soft and very easy to use.


Earthbabies sent me a basic sized nappy and waterproof cover. The nappy is made of terry cloth with elasticated legs and Velcro fasteners. Although quite a basic design, this nappy is a workhorse that is very absorbent and easy to use. The terry cloth dries relatively quickly and is not bulky. They are very reasonably priced but you would have to buy different sizes as your baby grows. . My only criticism of this nappy system is that I find that the covers leak. Perhaps because they don’t have leg gussets?

Earthbabies also sent me one of their Happy Nappies. This is an AIO OSFA nappy.  The lining of this nappy is fleece which keeps the skin dry. I really like that, especially when baby has nappy rash. The legs and waist are elasticated. If this nappy is not put on quite snuggly it can leak out the sides, but we found that fastening it tighter helped.

We have one Earthbabies Happy Nappy to give away. To stand a chance to win this nappy, email Dr Mom at


Fancypants sent me their one size pocket nappy in ‘Cupcake’ (a lovely soft pink). The nappy is made with a soft stylish waterproof outer fabric, lined with a plush 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton material. This choice of lining means that only natural fabrics are against baby’s skin. It also keeps the skin really nice and dry. I love that each nappy comes with two microfibre inserts so you can double up, making the nappy more absorbent. Microfibre inserts dry very quickly – fantastic when the weather is a bit wet. The snaps on this nappy are very good quality, and despite numerous uses and washes, they are still going strong and showing no signs of wear. As with all pocket nappies, this nappy is very easy to use and just as easy to wash.


Snugglybum sent me one of their minky cover pocket nappies. This is the first minky (velvety) nappy I have used and I am in love with the feel of this cover! The nappy is a OS pocket nappy with a PUL outer layer and a polyester lining. The polyester keeps baby’s skin very dry. The nappy comes with one microfiber insert. If you use just one insert, the nappy is very slim, but I didn’t find it absorbent enough for my daughter so I had to double up. These nappies come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and look extremely cute on baby’s bum! They also have a range of organic bamboo nappies.


Biobaba sent me one of their OSFA AIO nappies. This AIO has quite a unique design. It has a flip out flap so you can hold the nappy and flip any solid waste into the loo. The insert of this nappy is made of hemp. Hemp is recognized as one of the world’s strongest natural fibres – the more you wash it – the more absorbent it becomes! It also has anti-bacterial qualities and uses no pesticides in its growth. The nappy is quite bulky but it is super-absorbent so you don’t have to change it as often as some of the slimmer nappies.  There were no leaks in this nappy. The sizing is very generous and it would easily fit a toddler. The nappy is also very versatile and can even be used as a swim nappy. I loved this company’s eco-friendly ethics too.


Bam+Boo sent me two of their nappies in Pumpkin and Lavender.  Bam+Boo nappies are OSFA hybrid nappies, consisting of an outer ‘shell’, a soaker that clips in and a booster that can also be clipped in. The outer shell is made of waterproof, brushed polyester and is very soft. The inner parts are 70% bamboo 30% cotton so the nappy is not bulky but is super absorbent. One of the things that makes this nappy unique is the night-time booster. When the nappy is used with the booster it is quite bulky but it is SO absorbent. This nappy has become our night nappy of choice. When I put it on my daughter she can go from 7pm to 6am without a change and she stays dry all night! The nappies are very stylish and come in a lovely range of colours.