Many moms are concerned about the number of chemicals our babies are bombarded with. Here are some of the companies in South Africa that sell baby-friendly and earth-friendly products. They do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, sulphated surfactants such as SLS, ethoxylated or PEG ingredients, propylene glycol, or any synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colourants.

Victorian Gardens

Victorian Gardens makes safe, healthy and gentle skincare products which are free from harsh unnatural ingredients. They believe that baby care products marketed as “natural and organic” ought to comprise ingredients which are genuinely natural and organic to as near 100% as possible. For safety reasons, the amount of essential oils used in their baby products equals about one tenth of that used in their adult formulations. They sent me 3 products to test:

  • Rosehip and Hawthorn Baby Cleansing Cream – This cleansing cream smells lovely. I think it would be great for newborns as it is really gentle and would be a wonderful baby-friendly alternative to aqueous cream (which is often recommended in the early days). I prefer a product that foams slightly for older babies and kids. (They do also make a gel body wash which I believe foams)
  • Chamomile Flower and Lavender Baby Massage Oil – The combination of lavender, chamomile and geranium make this silky massage oil very soothing. I really love this product.
  • Calendula Flower and Clover Protective Nappy Cream – This nappy cream is designed to be used at every nappy change as a protective barrier cream. I love the addition of corn starch which has lovely protective qualities, and the organic oils used are all very healing and soothing.

I have used the Dusting Powder, which is great on hot days when baby’s skin is clammy, and I love their Tangerine and Rose Scented Geranium Foaming Bath Oil which is pregnancy-friendly and just lovely after a long, hard day. I also use the Lavender Foaming Gel Cleanser for my son’s pre-teen face.


A child’s skin and scalp can be sensitive to synthetic perfumes, colours, preservatives, heavy film-forming conditioners and aggressive surfactants. Eco.kid is an organic, healthier, biologically friendlier and more effective product range formulated exclusively for the hair, scalp and skin of children aged 3 to 12 years old and so is able to help prevent common problems faced by this age group. Eco.kid helps prevent pollution of our waterways and planet because of their commitment to ecologically responsible, sustainable and readily biodegradable ingredients and manufacturing practices. They sent me:

  • TLC: Hypo allergenic hair and body wash – TLC is a gentle plant derived ‘no tears’ cleansing solution for the hair and body that has been formulated for hyper-sensitive skin. One of the key reasons that this product is so gentle on delicate skin is that it contains ingredients which match the oils and amino acids found naturally in the skin. This product has a very subtle fragrance and foams well
  • Potion Lotion: Hypo allergenic body lotion – This is an energising natural product that helps to protect young skin from environmental damage. I really like this lotion and LOVE the name. It is very light and absorbed very quickly. Comfortable to use even in the sticky Durban summer weather.
  • Bug a bug: Hypo allergenic insect repellent – summer in SA means mozzies. So many repellent products contain harmful ingredients. Bug a bug contains Australian indigenous oils combined with wild harvested organically certified Andiroba Oil and a pure carrier oil blend to hydrate and nourish while repelling bugs. Durban mozzies are very persistent but my children said they noticed a big difference when they used Bug a Bug.

Pure Beginnings

Pure Beginnings believes in keeping baby’s skin as pure as the day she was born. They are a family owned business based in Durban, South Africa. Pure Beginnings specialise in combining traditional herb botanicals with some of Africa’s most beneficial plant ingredients, while at the same time contributing to the welfare of its rural communities and protecting its biodiversity. All Pure Beginnings products are formulated with certified organic ingredients.

I have used Pure Beginnings products on my daughter since the day she was born and their distinctive, subtle rose geranium scent will forever remind me of her newborn snuggly stage. They sent me:

  • Baby Bum Cream – This therapeutic baby bum cream contains baobab extract as well as olive, lavender and tea tree oil. It is an extremely effective barrier cream, and with its natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, can be used to treat nappy rash as well as little insect bites and stings. I like to use this as my everyday bum cream.
  • Baby Wash and Shampoo – This mild, rosemary and geranium scented, all-in-one baby wash and shampoo contains baobab extract. It foams very well and is very gentle – no tears if you accidentally get it in baby’s eyes.

I have used their Baby Body Lotion for baby massage as well as their wipes. The wipes are very wet which I liked – my sister-in-law thought they were too wet. I really love this product range!

Beautiful Earth

Beautiful Earth is a specialist manufacturing company, distributing natural products for personal care, to individual consumers and the hospitality industry. They are committed to natural products and they are an environmentally friendly company with a sound Environment Management System. They use 100% therapeutic grade essential and base oils preferring to source organic or wild crafted essential oils where possible. They sent me:

  • Bath and Massage Oil (Baby) – This is a lovely oil to use on baby after a bath. It is easy to spread – ideal for baby massage. Essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Neroli to help calm colicky pains and induce a peaceful sleep. I found it to be really light and quickly absorbed and have also used it on moms in labour and they really loved it. The pump dispenser is very handy.
  • Hair and Body Wash – This wash foams beautifully and smells lovely. It is a really nice product and I love that it comes in a 300ml bottle, making it very economical.
  • Bubble fun – Children (and adults!) love bubble baths, but often the bubbles contains harmful chemicals that dry the skin. This product is a non-drying bubble bath that avoids the use of synthetic fragrances and harsh bubbling agents. This product was developed to avoid irritation. It has a lovely hint of Sweet orange and really delivers what it promises


Beautiful Earth has given us a lovely hamper of their products to give away. Simply tell us in the comments section why natural baby products are important to you and what area you live in.

Please note that this giveaway is only available for collection in the Durban area

*I was not reimbursed for this review. I received products from the companies listed above