When I had my first 3 children, I was always a little perplexed when I saw other moms with their Muslin cloths. I didn’t have babies who spat up often and I thought that was their primary use. But when Angel Love sent me some of their beautiful Rainbow and Cozio Muslins, I was absolutely converted. They are made from super soft 100% cotton and come in 2 sizes.


The Rainbow muslins are 60 x 60cm and the Cozio are 90 x 90cm. The colours are gorgeous and they stay bright after many washes. We have a turquoise and an orange smaller one and my favourite is our bright purple cozio. The larger ones make the best blankets for summer – those evenings where you need a light cover to keep the slight chill off but don’t want baby to get hot. They are also big enough for swaddling, which is great for those early newborn days. The smaller ones are so useful as bibs that are easy to tuck under a chin and whip out again.

Their website has the following list of uses:

– keeping baby clean whilst feeding Image
– protecting your clothes when winding 
– putting under baby’s head in cot 
– lining a cold changing mat
– wash cloth
– security blanket
– swaddling your baby
– burp cloth
– sheet
– play Mat
– towel
– light-weight blanket
– lining your pushchair

I would also add that they are a lovely, lightweight cover for breastfeeding in public, and they fold up really small for keeping in your nappy bag.

Pop over  Angel Love for ordering info