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Dr Mom’s Homoeopathics & Apothecary is a range of herbal and organic products, researched and developed by homoeopath Dr Taryn Turner.

They are made in small batches from organic, non-GMO, halaal ingredients.
Unless otherwise stated, all products are alcohol-free and safe to use for the whole family, including breastfeeding mothers.

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Dr Mom is currently restructuring, but will be back shortly with the same high quality health offerings to safeguard and protect your whole family.

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Homeopathics, tinctures and immune boosters with a focus on the family.

About Dr Mom

Dr Taryn Turner, a Homoeopath with over 12 years’ experience in private practice, has a special interest in paediatrics and women’s health. She worked for 10 years as a midwifery assistant, assisting at home births and water births; supporting at hospital births and caesareans. She is passionate about assisting new moms with breastfeeding, bonding and mothering skills, and helping mothers nurture their instincts. She promotes gentle parenting and holistic health.

Dr Taryn is a mother to 4 homeschooling children, and runs an NPO for disabled animals.


New Light on Allergies

Whilst putting together a newsletter for the cat charity I run, I came across the following article which got me thinking. “PETS: GOOD OR BAD FOR ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA? Much to the surprise of doctors running a study following hundreds of children from birth to age...

“Pro’s” for Skincare

Probiotics seem to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips at the moment.  Most of us are familiar with the use of probiotics for gastrointestinal health, but research is being conducted on their use for allergies, immunity, cancer prevention, surgical infections and...

Avent Weaning Products

Meet my new favourite gadget: the Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender. Never one to follow strict rules about anything, we do a combination of baby led weaning and purées. The steamer-blender is great for that. I buy my organic veg from work on a Friday. I then...

Busy Mom Recipe: Easy Pasta Sauce

I'm having a rare stay-at-home-mom-day today and taking the opportunity to do some cooking with the kids. One of the things we made today was my easy-peasy pasta sauce. There are few things I like more than fresh pasta with fresh napoletana sauce. It is always a big...

Review of locally available cloth nappies

So now you know what’s what with cloth nappies, let’s see how the nappies compare. Bambino Mio Bambino Mio sent me 2 nappies to try out. The first was a two piece nappy system consisting of the mionappy and the miosoft cover. This is basically a prefold system with a...

What’s What with Cloth Nappies

When I first began researching cloth diapering (and yes, I'm going to say 'diapering' because nappying just sounds weird!), I was really overwhelmed! It was like learning another language with its own abbreviations and lingo. I had no idea which system would work out...

Fantastic plastic alternative!

With all the hype about BPA in baby bottles and the doubts about whether BPA-free plastics are actually safe, parents can get very nervous about what is safe to use for their little ones. Glass is a wonderfully safe option as it is completely inert, but it is not...